The Bloon Beacon is a magenta-like, column-like crystal with six white-like corners and sides around it.


A game with the Bloon Beacon lasts half the number of rounds and contains more and stronger Bloons as originally.

Statistics as of Build 150625dEdit

Recharge Time: 6 hours
Number of Rounds: Math.ceiling(OriginalNumberOfRounds/2)
RBE per Round: RBEOfTheOriginalTwoRounds+Math.Addup(8-92400), where 8 represents one tile away from Center and 92400 represents ZOMG 30-Round Tile (the farthest).
Reward: Guaranteed Knowledge Pack
For what is it a requirement?: Bloonarius level N, where N > 1.


  • No special mission can be affected by the Bloon Beacon.
  • Although the difficulty has the same number of dots and the same name, the Build 150618 said this: "Tiles with the Bloon Beacon are more challenging." See section 2.
  • As of v150625d, the Bloon Beacon unlocks the Bloonarius level N, where N > 1.