Shipwreck is a Special Mission in BMC. The appearance of the tile is the ruins of a Buccaneer's ship.


  1. Everything that is not a Monkey Buccaneer costs twice as much; this applies to both towers and upgrades, so it is highly recommended to have both tier 3 upgrades researched for buccaneers before starting this mission.
  2. Face rounds of stepped-up bloons.
  3. You have four whirlpools that can be activated via ability and suck in all ceramic and below, including lead and Camo.


The track is a Cannon Ship that has run aground on some rocks. The track loops around the four whirlpools.


  • The rewards for completing this mission are 1000 City Cash, 500 XP, and 50 Bloonstones (75 if NLL).
  • This is the easiest mission in BMC.
  • The special ability of the whirlpools bears resemblance to Supa-Vac.